Arvin Karimi

A creative way of solving core problems.

Arvin Karimi was born in Songor in November 1993. After studying at the National Education Center and looking into different academic fields, he began his university studies. After graduating from the university, Karimi continued studying software engineering and art history at the University of Tehran.

The path to success is not always straightforward. Sometimes you can move down your path more confidently when you are experienced in different scientific fields and have tried your hand at different professions. His technical and artistic education has helped Arvin Karimi achieve greater success.

"I studied in the Rasi school in Songor, as well as in the Shahid Beheshti school for gifted students in Kermanshah", he said. "After that, I studied software development, conducted art research and got my first job at an insurance company office in Mazandaran. I find meaning in life by constantly learning and moving towards perfection."

He's still open to new experiences. Owing to his love for literature, he published a collection of poems, entitled "Matnhae Monhani", at the Anima publishing house in 2017. He also published an article on educational psychology and teaching.

"All my life I've been involved in different spheres," says Karimi, "I think that the more experience a person gets, the more creative solutions he or she can provide for accomplishing the tasks at hand and the more innovative ideas he or she can offer."

In 2013, Karimi was responsible for sales at an insurance company in Mazandaran. During that period, he cooperated with the Kermanshah press. He started to work at Maxim in late October 2017, right when Maxim began operations in Iran. In January 2018, Karimi opened Maxim’s fourth branch office.

Reflecting upon the hardships faced while opening the company's branch office in the Kermanshah Province, he said, "Though opening branches in various provinces proved to be a difficult task, after opening the office in Kermanshah, we didn't lose hope and, with determination, we opened several more offices in Iran together with Maxim’s team of development." Talking about the opportunities that Maxim gave him and his colleagues, he added, "From the very beginning of my career with Maxim, it was my job to open the company's branch office in Kermanshah. The experience I gained there helped me to get promoted to the Director of Development for the network of offices in new cities. Maxim gave us an opportunity to work in a friendly atmosphere and created conditions that, besides mastering new skills, allowed us to realize our potential and use it for personal growth and development of the company."

Arvin Karimi is a young director at Maxim. He has opened the company's branch offices in Iranian cities. Currently, he is successfully tackling new business tasks related to cutting-edge technologies, presenting Maxim as a brand with its own unique drivers and passengers. He hopes he will be able to build his career in such a way that, when looking back later, he will see nothing but perfection.

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