Zeinab Mirlou

I always value learning something new.

Zeinab Mirlou was born in Karaj, Alborz Province in March 1990. In 2008, she started her solid-state physics studies in the Science and Research University. Her life changed in 2013 when she entered the Allameh Tabataba'i University (one of the largest humanities universities in Iran) where she learned Russian.

Mirlou graduated from the university with good marks after 7 semesters. During her time there, she practiced oral translation, translated Persian texts into Russian, and taught English.

"Neither my efforts to achieve high marks in my studies nor my part-time work as a translator and a language teacher prevented me from doing what I liked, including traveling, learning foreign languages, reading, and playing sports,” she said. "I also worked in these areas. I was a member of the university's basketball team and won several top prizes."

Mirlou also completed language courses in MSU. Returning to Iran a month later, she decided to find a job as soon as possible. This was how she learned about Maxim. Her career began in the Customer Service Department thanks to her interest in the Maxim startup, and some time later she became the Head of the Quality Assurance Department.

This is what she says about her work at Maxim in Iran:

"The beginning of Maxim's operations in Iran, just like it happens with any other event, was connected to certain difficulties. But I was determined to overcome them and open new opportunities. I started to work in Maxim on October 17, 2017. On November 12, same year, I was appointed to the position in the senior management of the company. Meanwhile, I was also working with stickers, approving vacation schedules, training new managers, organizing supplies of new office equipment, coordinating overtime work, working with the app and controlling its translation."

Mirlou later mentioned different jobs in various spheres, saying, "Since December 2017, in connection with the creation of the Quality Assurance Department, managing this department became part of my duties. The tasks added to my list of responsibilities included handling frozen orders, maps, and checking and tracking requests and violations. I took responsibility for the Support Department and officially became the Director of the Quality Assurance Department in May 2018." She started her career as a manager and then became one of the senior managers of the Quality Assurance and Support Department. Ultimately, she became the Head of the Quality Assurance Department. Speaking of this process, she emphasizes that she performed virtually every type of work in the different departments, which gave her invaluable practical experience.

Mirlou states that being perceptive and organized contributes greatly to her ability to successfully perform her duties in this department. "Removing flaws is what I do on a daily basis. Maxim is like a machine that needs to be inspected and greased. My responsibility is to analyze and monitor the work, and, sometimes, to grease the system, which operates around the clock throughout Iran. It's a system which needs to be dismantled and reassembled from time to time. Though this path has had both difficult and pleasant moments, at the end of the day I can say with certainty that all my efforts were aimed at increasing the team’s efficiency."

Providing a positive assessment of Maxim's operations, she said, "Working at Maxim has made me realize that to increase your efficiency, learn something new, and develop, you need to work without unnecessary stress or agitation. For me, this was a very valuable lesson."

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